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Created by Rob Bradley alongside Maxim Sobchenko. Thillkiller explores the boundaries of rock, pop, and metal creating a sound totally unique to itself. Playing in events such as MAGstock and the Main Street Music Festival, the band has performed on stages such as Merriweather Post Pavillion and Baltimore Soundstage as well as many others. Thrillkiller is joined by Sebastian Ochoa(bass), Tyler Phillips(guitars) and Boma Jack(drums) on the stage with their debut album, Showdown released in July of 2016.


Rob is known for his wide range and dynamic stage presence. He has shared the stage with such acts as Stratovarius, Pagan's Mind, 3 Inches of Blood, and Doro Pesch. On top of his history in rock music, he is also an award-winning actor starring in a number of rock operas including Jesus Christ Superstar, Valhella, 1814, and Richard Campbell's Frankenstein.

Steve Morse, Jason Becker, Glenn Tipton, and Slash are some of the names that influence Maxim's playing style. Delivering a level of blisteringly fast yet, accurate level of guitar playing, he brings the songs of Thrillkiller to life.

Originally from Honduras, his style of playing is wickedly fast with a sharp sense of rhythm, Sebastian brings a high level of technical aptitude to his playing. Joining shortly before the release of Showdown, his addition is clearly evident in the remaining songs on the inagural release. 

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