Differentiating Between Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics

The Olympics include both artistic gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics in its schedule. Both these beautiful games are very popular at the competition. Both of them have various acrobatic techniques, nicely modulated and controlled. But, what are the differences between them? These gymnastics forms are also distinct from each other. For a common man, it is often confusing to properly know about the exact differences between artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. For this reason, the blog here tries to point out some of the elements of both these forms and make readers understand the subtle differences, in a lucid language.

The Difference in Technicality

The rhythmic gymnastics are less technical in terms of execution. It has a smoother flow in some respects. The sportsperson performs the gymnastic act with a bit more flexibility. On the other hand, the artistic version is a bit more technical where one has to strictly follow a set of rules to perform.

Difference in Precise Movements

If you consider the extent of precise movements, then rhythmic gymnastics are a bit open-ended and less precise. There is more flexibility for the person who performs. The artistic version is actually far more precise. The gymnast has to adhere to some rules and make measured movements.

Flowing Dance with Music

The rhythmic gymnastics are performed in a flow that complies with the background music. There is a unique sublime element in the act. On the other hand, the artistic gymnastic act has a different variety of flow in terms of style and expression.

Routines of Measured Leaps

When you watch the performance of an artistic gymnast, you would not watch any frequent leaps. But, when the act is done by a rhythmic gymnast, you would be able to witness a wide range of leaps in the performance.

Difference in Terms of Athletic Strength

Observing the gymnastic acts is not enough to get an idea about the athletic strength of the performers. But, from a general point of view, artistic gymnasts require a greater degree of athletic strength in order to skillfully express themselves in front of a learned audience.

Presence of Contortion Movements

There is another stark difference in between these two versions of gymnastics. The rhythmic version uses a lot of loops in distinct contortion, creating layers of expressions on the gymnastic floor. Such a phenomenon is rare in the case of the artistic version. It has its own unique elements and creates original expressions on the gymnastic floor.

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