How to Spot an Ear Infection in Your Dog?

Dog Ear Infection

If you have a dog at your home, it is ideal that you familiarize yourself with the common symptoms of ear infections in dogs. If you know some of the common symptoms of ear infections in dogs, you will be able to understand the causes and get your dog the necessary treatment. It is best when your dog ear infection is detected in the early stages. Some of these infections are pretty stressful to the health of the dog and also could be fatal at times. As mentioned earlier dogs are sensitive animals and sometimes, they develop ear infections that need immediate treatment and care. We have a few tips that will help you understand if your dog has an ear infection.

Irritation Around the Ears

If you find that your dog is irritated and it is unable to sit still, it is possibly because of an infection. There are small infectious bugs that spread around the ears of your dog. They cause irritation on the skin around the ear area. They are easy to spot and need products that will help in getting rid of those bugs.

Inflammation on the Skin

Inflammation on your dog’s ears is one sign of infection. It sometimes makes your dog annoyed and changes its behavior. It is most likely because of a bacterial or yeast infection. It is not a very harmful infection and can be cured with medication or some care products.

Moist Ears

If you have a dog that has floppy ears, you need to look more carefully to detect any infection. Bacteria and germs are hidden on the skin and around the area of the ear that is moist and dark. It is tricky to detect any visible signs of infections with dogs who have floppy ears. You need to pay attention to your dog more carefully and keep checking the corners and hidden dark areas of their ears from time to time.

Swelling and Redness

One common symptom of ear infections in dogs is that it causes redness around their ear and also inner and outer swelling. Symptoms like these are caused by some serious infections that need to be treated urgently.

Ear Discharge

A red or a yellow discharge from your dog’s ear is a common symptom of an ear infection. This is a very painful symptom that needs urgent care and medication. An ear discharge causes serious pain and irritation in dogs. You can also keep an eye on those symptoms alongside the discharge.


Ear infections cause serious distress to dogs. These infections must be taken care of, at an early stage to minimize the pain and damage they may cause. Contact a Veterinary supplier in Dubai that has products for dogs that keep them away from such infections.

Dog Ear Infection

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